Caaerinolaas – Grand President of Hell, also known as Caasimolar and Glasya. He is figured in the shape of a god with the wings of a griffon. He is supposed to inspire knowledge of the liberal arts, and to incite homicides. It is this fiend who can render man invisible. 36 Legions.

Cacodaemons – Deities of inferior rank, one of whom it was believed by many was attached to each mortal from his birth as a constant companion, and were capable of giving impulses, and acting as a sort of messenger between the gods and men. The cacodaemons are of a hostile nature, as opposed to the agathodaemons who were friendly. Their king was called Hades by the Greeks, Typhon by the Egyptians, and Ahrimanes by the Persians and Chaldeans.

Cacodemon – The name given by the ancients to an evil spirit. He changed his shape so frequently that no one would tell in what guise he most generally appeared to man.

Cacus – Originally a pre-Roman god of fire, who gradually became a fire-breathing demon. Cacus lived in a cave in the Aventine Hill from where he terrorized the countryside. When Heracles returned with the cattle of Geryon, he passed Cacus’ cave and lay down to sleep in the vicinity. At night, Cacus dragged some of the cattle to his cave backward by their tails, so that their tracks would point in the opposite direction. However, the lowing of the animals betrayed their presence in the cave to Heracles and he retrieved them and slew Cacus. Other sources claim that Cacus’ sister told Heracles the location of his cave. On the place where Heracles slew Cacus, he erected an altar, where later the Forum Boarium, the cattle market, was held.

Caim – A great president, appears in the form of a thrush, but afterwards in that of a man bearing a sharp sword, and seeming to answer in burning ashes. He is a keen disputant; he imparts to men the understanding of birds’ songs, the lowing of cattle, the barking of dogs and the voice of the waters. He gives true answers concerning things to come, and was once of the Order of Angels.

Camal – A servitor of Astaroth. To desire.

Cambions – Offspring of the incubi and succubi. Some are more kindly to humans than

Came – A servitor of Paimon. Tired.

Camio – President. 30 Legions of Spirits. Voice of the waters and teaches men of birds.

Camonix – A servitor of Astaroth. Perseverance in combat.

Carasch – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus. Voracity.

Carelena – A servitor of Beelzebub. To seize hair.

Caromos – A servitor of Ariton. Joy.

Caron – A servitor of Ariton. Ferryman of the souls of the dead into Hades.

Carreau – Demonic prince of the Powers.

Catabolignes – Demons who bore men away, killed them, and broke and crushed them having this power over them.

Caym – (1) Grand President. Male. (2) Grand Master of Hell, commander of 30 legions. He is said to be the cleverest sophist in Hell, and can, through astuteness of his arguments, make the most skilled logician despair. He understands the songs of birds, the bellowing of the oxen, the barking of dogs and the sound of the waves. He knows the future and was once numbered among the Order of Angels. He is depicted as an elegant man with the head and wings of a blackbird.

Chagrin – Also known as Cagrino, an evil spirit believed in by the Continental Gypsies. It has the form of a hedgehog, is yellow in color and is a foot and a half in length and a span in breadth. Horses are the special prey of Chagrin, who rides them into a state of exhaustion, as does the Guecubu of Chile. The next day, the horses appear sick and weary, with tangled manes and bathed in sweat.

Chamosh – (1) Lord High Chamberlain of the Royal Household, Knight of the Fly. (2) Was worshipped by the Moabites.

Charon – Boatman of Hell. Male.

Charun – The Etruscan demon of death who torments the souls of the deceased in the underworld. He also guards the entrance to the underworld. He is similar to the Greek Charon. Charun is portrayed with the nose of a vulture, pointed ears and is usually winged. His attribute is the hammer, with which he finished off his victims.

Chax – Grand Duke. Male.

Chesme – A cat-shaped well, fountain, or spirit nymph of the Turks. She inveigles youths to death much in the same manor as the Lorelei.

Chevaliers de l’Enfer – These are demons more powerful than those of no rank, but less powerful than titled demons; counts, marquises, and dukes. They may be evoked from dawn to sunrise, and from sunset to dark.

Chiton – A Burmese evil spirit.

Chuschi – A servitor of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon. Silent.

Cimeries – (1) Marquis. 20 Legions of Infernal Spirits. Teaches grammar, logic and rhetoric. Discovers lost and hidden things. (2) A powerful marquis, appears like a valiant soldier on a black horse. He rules the spirits in the parts of Africa; he teaches grammar, logic, and rhetoric, discovers hidden treasures and things lost and hidden; he can make a man appear like a soldier of his own kind.

Ciupopiltin – Vampire demons of ancient Mexico.

Clauneck – Has power over goods and riches; he can discover hidden treasures to him who makes pact with him; he can bestow great wealth, for he is well loved by Lucifer. He brings money from a distance. Obey him and he will obey thee.

Cleraca – A servitor of Amaymon and Ariton. Clerical.

Clisthert – A demon said to be able to change day to night and night to day.

Cobel – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Chain.

Coelen – A servitor of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon. The Heavens.

Colvam – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Shame.

Conferentes – Gods of the ancients, spoken of by Arnobe, whom Leloyes identifies with incubi.

Corcaron – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus. Tumultuous, noisy.

Corilon – A servitor of Beelzebub.

Corodan – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. A lark.

Counts of Hell – Demons of a superior order in the infernal hierarchy, who command numerous legions. They may be evoked at all hours of the day, provided the evocation takes place in a wild, unfrequented spot.

Crocell – Duke. 48 Legions of Spirits. Creates great noises and warms waters.