Fagani – A servitor of Astaroth. Devourers.

Faturab – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Interpretation.

Fene – A Hungarian demon, and the opposite of Isten, the god of light. Fene is also the name of the place where demons roam.

Fersebus – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Bringer of veneration.

Finaxos – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus. Worthy in appearance.

Flauros – A great duke, appears at first like a terrible leopard, but at the command of the exorcist he puts on the shape of a man, with fiery eyes and terrible countenance. He gives true answers of things past, present and future, but unless commanded into the triangle, he will deceive the exorcist. He converses gladly of divinity and the creation of the world, as also of the fall of spirits, his own included. If desired, he will destroy and burn the enemies of the operator, nor will he suffer him to be tempted by the spirits otherwise.

Flaxon – A servitor of Ariton. About to rend.

Fleurety – (1) Lieutenant General. Lust. The occasional war among men. (2) Inferior to Beelzebub. (3) He has the power to perform any labor during the night, and to cause hailstones in any required place. He controls very considerable army of spirits, and has Bathsin (or Bathim), Pursan, and Eligor as his subordinates.

Focalor – (1) Duke. 30 Legions of Spirits. Destroys men and drowns them. Has power over wind and seas. Will not hurt if commanded to the contrary. (2) A strong duke, appears in the form of a man with the wings of a griffin. He drowns men, sinks warships, and has power over the winds and the sea, but he will not hurt anyone if commanded to forbear by the exorcist. He hopes to return to the Seventh Thrones in 1050 years.

Fomors – The Fomors were an ancient tribe of Celtic sub-aquatic monsters. They are said to be the offspring of Noah’s son, Ham, and are depicted as ‘men with goat’s heads.’

Foras – (1) President. 29 Legions of Spirits. Recovers things lost. Makes men live long and eloquent. (2) A great president, who appears in the form of a strong man, and teaches the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, as well as logic and ethics; he makes men invisible, imparts wit, wisdom, and eloquence, discovers treasures, and restores things lost.

Forau – One of the demons who serves Sargatanas, a brigadier general of the infernal legions.

Forcas – 29 Legions of Infernal Forces. Teaches logic and rhetoric.

Forneas – (1) Marquis. 29 Legions of Spirits. Makes one beloved of his foes and friends. (2) A great marquis, appears as a sea-monster. He teaches all arts and sciences, gives a good reputation and the knowledge of tongues, and causes men to be loved by their enemies even as by their friends.

Fortison – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Burdened.

Frimost – Has power over wives and maids, and will help thee to enjoy them.

Frucissiere – Brings the dead to life.

Fujin – The Japanese god of wind and one of the eldest of the Shinto gods. He was present at the creation of the world when he first let the winds out of his bag, the cleared the morning mists and filled the space between heaven and earth so the sun shone. He is portrayed as a terrifying dark demon wearing a leopard skin, carrying a large bag of winds on his shoulders.

Frutimiere – Dights thee all kinds of festivals.

Furcas – (1) Knight. 20 Legions of Spirits. Teaches the arts of philosophy, astrology, rhetoric, logic, cheiromancy and pyromancy. (2) A great duke, appears in the form of a cruel old man, with long beard and hoary hair. He is seated on a pale horse, and has a sharp spear in his hand. He teaches philosophy, rhetoric, astronomy, logic, chiromancy, and pyromancy, perfectly in all their parts.

Furfur – (1) Count. 26 Legions. (2) Must be contained in a magickal triangle (Solomon), or he will lie. (3) Earl. 26 Legions of Spirits. Will wittingly urge love between men and women. Raises great storms. (4) A great earl, appears in the form of a hart with a fiery tail, and will not speak till compelled within the triangle. He then assumes the form of an angel, speaking with a hoarse voice. He causes love between man and wife, raises thunder, lightning and great winds, gives true answers about secret and divine things.