Habhi – A servitor of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon. Hidden.

Haborgm – Duke. Fire and holocaust.

Haborym – A Duke of Hell, commander of twenty-six legions. He is the demon of fire and holocausts. Depicted as a three-headed monster – a cat, a man and a snake – sitting astride a viper and brandishing a torch.

Hacamuli – A servitor of Beelzebub. Withering, fading.

Hael – Instructs in the art of writing all kinds of letters, gives an immediate power of speculations, teaches tactics, and the breaking of hostile ranks.

Hagenti – (1) President. 33 Legions of Spirits. Makes men wise and instructs in diverse things. (2) A great president, appears in the shape of a gigantic bull with the wings of a griffin, but will duly put on human form. He gives wisdom, transmutes all metals into gold, and turns wine into water.

Hagion – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Sacred.

Hagith – The person in his favor will be adorned with all beauty. Converts copper into gold and vice versa. Gives faithful servants.

Hagog – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. The name of gog.

Haligax – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus.

Halpas – (1) Earl. Burns towns or fills them with soldiers itching for a fight. (2) A great earl, appears in the form of a stockdove, speaking with a hoarse voice. He burns towns, visits the wicked with the sword, and can send men to fields of war or to other places.

Halphas – Earl. 26 Legions of Spirits. Sends warriors.

Ham – According to Norwegian legend, Ham was a storm-fiend in the shape of an eagle with black wings, sent by Helgi to engulf Frithjof as he sailed for the island of Yarl Angantyr. This story is told in the Saga Grettir.

Hantu Penyardin – A Malayan vampire.

Hantu Pusaka – A Malaysian Demon.

Harembrub – A servitor of Ariton. Exalted in greatness.

Haristum – Gives the power of passing unsigned through the fire.

Hariti – A monstrous demon from India, who abducted little children and devoured them, until the Great Buddha converted her.

Hauges – A servitor of Amaymon and Ariton. Brilliance.

Haures – Duke. 36 Legions of Spirits. Must be in a triangle (Solomon). He destroys the enemies of the magickian.

Hecate – Queen of the witches. (Sometimes not considered a demon, and sometimes is.)

Hedammu – A Hurrian snake-like demon which lives in the sea. The creature is insatiable.

Hemis – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Halfway.

Hepogon – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Saddle cloth.

Heramael – Teaches the art of medicine, gives perfect knowledge of all diseases, with their perfect and radical cure, makes known all plants in general, the places where they grow, and the times of their gathering, their virtues also and their composition for the attainment of a perfect cure.

Herg – A servitor of Astaroth. To slay.

Hergotis – A servitor of Amaymon. A laborer.

Hermiala – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus.

Heyd – A Norwegian sea-witch or storm-fiend in the shape of a white bear, alluded to in the Frithjof Saga.

Hiepacht – Will bring thee a distant person in an instant.

Hifarion – A servitor of Asmodeus. A pony.

Hiisi – Finnish mythology abounds with limitless classes of evil spirits and demons which bring troubles and miseries upon mankind.

Hipoles – A servitor of Astaroth. A goat herd.

Hmin Nat – A Burmese evil spirit.

Holastri – A servitor of Beelzebub. To surround.

Holba – A servitor of Asmodeus. Fatness.

Horamar – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus.

Horminos – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Stirrer up.

Hosen – A servitor of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon. Strong, vigorous, powerful.

Hsu Hao – The strange tale of this demon, well documented in ample chronicles of the ancient Chinese empire, was told in the Tang dynasty period, during the reign of emperor Ming Huang. Dressed in red trousers, and wearing no shoes.

Huictiigara – Occasions sleep and waking in some, and afflicts others with insomnia.

Humots – Can transport all manner of books for thy pleasure.

Hutgin – Ambassador in Italy.