Ubarin – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Insult, outrage.

Udaman – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus. Fortunate.

Ugales – A servitor of Astaroth and Asmodeus. Calm.

Ugirpeh – A servitor of Astaroth.

Ugola – A servitor of Paimon. Fluent in speech.

Ukobach – A demon belonging to a lower order. He always appears with an inflamed body. He is said to be the inventor of fireworks and the art of frying foods. Beelzebub has assigned to him the task of keeping oil in the infernal cauldrons.

Ullikummi – An ancient Anatolian demon.

Uphir – Demon of doctors and apothecary.

Uphor – Physician

Ura – Babylonian spirit of disease. A legend related that this demon once made up his mind to destroy all mankind. His counsellor, Ishun, however, prevailed upon him to change his mind, and he said, “Whoever will laud my name I will bless with plenty. No one will oppose the person who proclaims the glory of my valour. The worshipper who chants the hymn of praise to me will not be afflicted by disease, and he will find favour in the eyes of the King and his nobles.”

Urian – In German mythology, another name for Satan as he presides over the Sabbat.

Urigo – A servitor of Magoth and Kore. Spoilt; unfit for food.

Utifa – A servitor of Asmodeus.

Uvall – Duke. 37 Legions of Spirits. Procures the love of women and friendship between foes.

Valac – (1) President. 38 Legions of Spirits. True answers of treasure and where serpents live. (2) A great president, comes as a little boy with the wings of an angel and riding on a two headed dragon. He gives true answers concerning hidden treasures, tells where serpents may be seen, and will deliver them helpless to the exorcist.

Valafar – Duke. Gave orders to robbers and brigands who attack innocents.

Valefor – (1) Duke. 10 Legions of Spirits. A thief. (2) A powerful duke, appearing as a many-headed lion. He leads those with whom he is familiar into theft.

Vanth – The Etruscan female demon of death who lives in the underworld. With the eyes on her wings she sees all and is omni-present. She is a herald of death and can assist a sick person on his deathbed. Her attributes are a snake, torch and key.

Vapula – (1) Duke. 36 Legions of Spirits. Makes men knowing in all handicrafts and professions. (2) A strong duke, comes in the form of a lion with griffin’s wings. He gives skill not only in manual professions, but also in philosophy and the sciences.

Vassago – (1) Prince. 26 Legions of Spirits. Discovers things hidden or lost. (2) The spirit of the crystal, who is invoked by the crystal gazer for the purposes of his art. (3) A mighty prince, of the nature of Agares, who declares things past, present and future, and discovers what has been lost or hidden. He is good by nature.

Veltis – An evil spirit who assaulted St. Margaret of Cortona (died 1297), but was overcome by her. On being asked by St. Margaret who he was and whence he came, he replied: “My name is Veltis, and I am one of those whom Solomon by virtue of his spells, confined in a copper cauldron at Babylon, but when the Babylonians, in the hope of finding treasure dug up the cauldron and opened it, we all made our escape. Since that time our efforts have been directed to the destruction of righteous persons, and I have long been striving to turn thee from the course thou hast embraced.”

Vepar – (1) Duke. 29 Legions of Spirits. Makes men die in three days by putrifying wounds or sores. (2) A great duke, appears as a mermaid. He guides the waters and battleships, and occasions storms at sea when so commanded by the magickian. He also causes the sea to seem full of ships, and occasions death in three days by means of putrefying sores and worm-eaten wounds.

Verdelet – (1) Witches demon for the Sabbat. (2) Second Order Demon. Master of Ceremonies at the Infernal Court. Entices women. Male. He takes the names of Master Persil, Sante-Buisson and other names of a pleasant sound, so as to entice women into his snares. (3) Master of Ceremonies of the Royal Household.

Vetis – Tempts and corrupts the holy.

Vine – (1) King, Earl. 36 Legions of Spirits. Discovers things hidden. (2) A great king and earl, appears in a monstrous form, but assumes human shape when commanded. He discerns things hidden, reveals witches, and makes known the past, present and future. At the command of the exorcist he will build towers, demolish walls, and make the waters

Vision – A servitor of Amaymon. An apparition.

Vodnnik – In Slavonic folklore, a Vodnik is a water demon who comes into existence when a child is drowned. He lures people into the water and hold them under until they suffocate. He appears as a fish or as a human with green hair. In Russia he is called Vodjanoj.

Vual – A great duke, comes at first as an enormous dromedary, but afterwards, assumes human form and speaks in the Egyptian tongue. He procures the love of women, discerns past, present and future, and excites friendship even between foes. He was of the Order of the Powers.

Vucub Caquix – A Mayan demon of the underworld. He was the father of the giant demons Kabrakan and Zipakna. He considered himself to be the sun, the moon, and the light. For this reckless thought, and for the part he played in the death or their father, the twins Hunahpu and Ixbalangue descended to the underworld and killed him.

Xaphan – (1) Second Order Demon. (2) Demon of fire. He wanted to set heaven afire when he felt like it.

Xezbeth – A demon of lies and legends.

Yaksha – In Hindu myth, Yakshas are chthonic semi-divine beings, half god and half demon. They live under the earth in the Himalayas where they guard the wealth of the earth (gems, gold, silver, etc.). They are led by Kubera, the god of wealth. Like their leader, they have all fat bellies and plump legs. They have no special characteristics, are not violent, and are therefore called punyajana (“good beings”). Kubera’s epithet is Punyajaneshvara.

Yama – Clad in the robes of a Chinese judge, Yama presides over his domain, Pitris, the Chinese hell. King over all the other demons of the Orient, Yama assigns the relevant legion of demons to torture either souls in hell or those on earth. He passes judgement on those who have committed one of the Ten Deadly Sins, while other secondary rulers in Pitris condemn souls of lesser importance. He is flanked on either side of his throne by the bodiless heads of two demons. The female head is able to detect the most secret flaws in the sinners who are brought in front of Yama, while the male head is able to assess sins by smelling them. Around Yama are assembled his multitude of ‘eyes’ called Tevodas, who are the witnesses that testify to a person’s sins. In Hindu legend, Yama was the first mortal to die because he travelled down the road from whence there is no return. He dwells in Pitris with his wife Yami, who is his own sister. The souls of the departed are brought to Yama in crowds by Agni, the emanation of the funeral pyre. After rushing past the enormous dogs which guard the entrance to Pitris, the souls are relegated to the various levels of hell. One Chinese legend says that, in the eyes of the celestial gods, Yama was too compassionate to the worst of the criminals brought in front of him, so he was demoted to govern over the fifth region of hell in which rapists, prostitutes and those who committed religious offences were punished. There the sinners’ chests are ripped open, their hearts tugged out and chopped into morsels which the attendant demons quickly gobble.

Yauhahu – A spirit supposed to cause diseases amongst Indians of British Guiana.

Younger Lilith – Wife of Asmodai. She is dark, a woman to the waist and a man below it. She appears as though dragging down with her hand, small figures of men into hell.

Zabulon – A demon who possessed a lay sister of Loudon.

Zaebos – Grand Count of the Infernal Regions. A gentle demon. He appears in the shape of a handsome soldier mounted on a crocodile. His head is adorned with a ducal coronet.

Zagalo – A servitor of Beelzebub. A reaping hook.

Zagam – (1) King, President of the Infernal Regions. 30 Legions. (2) Demon of Deceit and Counterfeit. He appears in the form of a bull with the wings of a griffin. He changes water into wine, blood into oil, the fool into the wise man, lead into silver, and copper into gold.

Zagan – (1) King, President. 33 Legions of Spirits. Makes fools wise. (2) A great king and president, appears at first in the form of a bull with the wings of a griffin, and after in human shape. He makes men witty, turns water into wine, blood into oil, and oil into water; he can change any metal into coin of the realm, and can make a fool wise.

Zalanes – A servitor of Paimon. Trouble bringer.

Zamiel – Attributed to Tiphareth. Great black giants, everworking against each other.

Zapan – A King of Hell.

Zaragil – A servitor of Oriens, Paimon, Ariton and Amaymon. Scattering.

Zeernebooch – A dark god, monarch of the empire of the dead among the ancient Germans.

Zepar – (1) Grand Duke of the Infernal Empire. Cast men into evil passions. 28 Legions. (2) Drove women to madness. (3) Duke. 26 Legions of Inferior Spirits. Causes women to love men and to bring them together in love. He also makes them barren. Could be the same as Vepar and Separ, however, as Zepar, he takes the form of a warrior.

Zogiel – Also known as Ghogiel and Oghiel. They attach themselves unto lying and material apperance. Their form is that of black evil giants with loathesome serpents twined round them. Attributed to Chokmah.

Zimimar – The lordly monarch of the northern regions of Hell.

Zu – In Sumero-Akkadian mythology, Zu is a divine storm-bird and the personification of the southern wind and the thunder clouds. This demon, half man and half bird, stole the “Tablets of Destiny” from Enlil and hid them on a mountaintop. Anu ordered the other gods to retrieve those tables, but all were afraid of this demon. According to one text, Marduk killed the bird, but in another text it died through the arrows of the god Ninurta. The bird is also referred to as Imdugud or Anzu.